Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 7

Fall Fashion Challenge
Day 7: Wear a hat

I don’t own any hats…I rather take the quote from You’ve Got Mail as my opinion about hats: “I assume it was going to buy a hat which would turn out to be a mistake, as nearly all hats are.” However, there are a few hats that I really do like…and fedoras make me feel positively gangsta. 😉

Blouse – Kohl’s
Slacks – Kohl’s
Jacket – Kohl’s
Silver chain – JCPenney’s
Earrings – Kohl’s
Shoes – Target
Hat – Alex’s 🙂


Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 4

Fall Fashion Challenge:
Day 4: Your Favorite Era

Another news flash – I don’t really have any clothes from my favorite eras…HOWEVER – this year for Halloween I dressed as a hippie, and made some bell-bottom jeans for the outfit. So my decade for this day is…

The 1970s!
(with a bit of a modern flair :))

Blouse – Goodwill
Shawl-thing (I can’t remember the real name :P) – Sears
Jeans – Goodwill, with bells added by me with fabric from JoAnn
Platforms – Mudd, from Goodwill

Jewelry – Kmart

Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 3

[Skipping Day 2 for the moment because I still need to find the pair of shoes for that outfit. :P]
Fall Fashion Challenge
Day 3: Bold Tights

News flash: I don’t own any bold tights at all. I don’t even have any bold socks. 😛 So I just decided I would wear some bright colors – it is a summer outfit that works well on warm fall days.

Cami – JCPenney’s
Blouse – thrift store 😉
Skirt – Christopher and Banks
Shoes – Target (P.S. These are my favorite shoes ever. :D)

Apologies about the grain in the pictures…for some reason, they just didn’t turn out well this time. 😛

Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 1

FALL FASHION CHALLENGE, hosted by Bramblewood Fashion!
Day 1: Whatever You Want
I chose one of my most favorite fall ensembles…

Mossimo black tee – Target
Apartment 9 sweater – Kohl’s
Straight fit jeans – Fashion Bug
Sneakers – Target
Brown jewelry – Kmart

Seriously…if you have any trouble believing that this is one of my favorite things to wear, just ask Alex – I wear it at least twice a week. 😛 😀