Romantic Era Pattern- A Review

If you are looking for a pattern to re-create some of the beautiful costumes of Wives and Daughters, look no further!  Sense and Sensibility’s Romantic Era Dress Pattern provides a variety of styles that can easily be used to re-create dresses such as Molly’s Red Day Dress, Molly’s Bridesmaid Dress, Cynthia’s Pink Flowered Dress, and more!

Designer Jennie Chancey writes, “This pattern was inspired by the PBS production of Wives and Daughters, which motivated me to look into extant gowns from this transitional time between the Regency and Victorian eras.  I owe a great debt of thanks to Jane Arnold’s detailed sketches in Patterns of Fashion I.

I used this pattern to make my Romantic Era dress, and was very pleased with it!  Mrs. Chancey’s instructions are very clear, and I like how she takes time to explain the historical accuracy of a step, gives instructions on how to fit the bodice before cutting into your fashion fabric, and provides helpful Appendices to give extra help or provide additional inspiration in making your Romantic era dress.  She provides a variety of styles within the pattern.  You can give the dress long or short sleeves; you may dart, gather, or pleat the bodice; you can have it close in the front or the back.  Mrs. Chancey also provides five different neckline styles: small bateau neckline, large bateau neckline, a ballgown neckline, and a “V” neckline with or without a collar. With all these options, you can make almost any Wives and Daughters dress you want!

The pattern is rated “intermediate”.  It was my third historical gown to make, and it was a breeze!  The only problem I ran into was my own fault– cutting the large bateau neckline, which was wider on my shoulders than my mom preferred. 🙂  Inexperienced seamstresses might have trouble figuring out how to do the placket in the skirt, but once they’ve re-read the instructions for that a couple times and maybe watched a tutorial or consulted another seamstress, they’ll get the hang of it! 🙂 

I highly recommend this pattern!  Please scroll down on the sidebar and click the picture that says: “Dress like Molly!  Download Instant E-Patterns”, to find out how you can order this e-pattern and make your very own Wives and Daughters-inspired dress!