Midwest US

Bio: I'm a dreamer. I believe in following your dreams. I believe in magic. I believe in God. I believe He is immensely good, and that whatever trials life holds, He gives us the strength to get through them. I believe that when life gets tough, there are better days ahead. I write. I create. I love Disney. I spend way too much time on Pinterest. I'm a bit of nerd who loves Doctor Who and Korean dramas. I can imagine a lot of things, but I cannot imagine life without my two awesome sisters. I'm a college student and am determined that the world won't quench the dreamer in me but rather enable it to dream and do all the more. I love to travel and this passion has brought me to East Asia for a whole semester... and let me tell you, South Korea has stolen my heart. ~~~~ Beauty and magic can be seen in the world around you if you only look for it. Love is something you cannot explain until you've felt it. Dreams are the launching pad to changing the world, if you have the courage to pursue them. Driving through the countryside with the windows down on a warm summer day with Owl City blaring is a most perfect pastime. Each trial we come to gives us opportunity for triumph. Even when we walk through the valley of deep darkness, God is always with us. I love randomness.

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