I just got pictures from one of my Christmas orders! 🙂  The order was four doll pajamas and a pair of pajamas for a very special young friend of mine, Anna, and her dolls.   I had a lot of fun with this project, coming up with different styles of pajamas to use with the same fabric.

Doesn’t Anna have a lovely little doll family?

My only disappointment in this project was that Anna’s pajamas turned out being way to big.  The pattern I used was one of those “Fast and Easy” patterns and I’m convinced there was something wrong with the sizing chart.  When I was sewing the pjs, they really looked like women’s size!  However, they apparently are working fine for Anna and she’ll be able to wear them for another couple years at least. 😉
I have a couple custom sewing orders right now– an Alice in Wonderland doll dress (the blue dress with the white apron, from the animated Disney version), and a “school jumper” and two doll blouses.  They’re coming along okay except for the fact that my serger has been HATING me the last couple days and doing it’s best to slow me down and discourage me in my work.  Grrr.  Sergers– you either love ’em or you hate ’em.  Anyway!  Besides the serger problem, the orders are coming along well and keeping me busy! 🙂
What sewing projects have you been working on lately?

Christmas Projects Progress / Regency Gown Progress

I finished the dress for the first order today and have just a little ways to go on the doll dress. Here it is:

It is based off another dress that the mom of the girl I’m making it for had ordered from an Etsy shop a couple years ago.  Her little girl has grown out of that dress so she asked me to make one similar to it. The project was fun and easy.  Mrs. H bought the T-shirt from the store, then I cut off several inches from the bottom of the shirt, cut out the skirt, and sewed that onto the T-shirt.  I also added pockets of another fabric and made a fabric “flower” design similar to the one on S’s original dress.  Cutting out the circles for the “flower” and positioning them just right was a challenge, but a good one.

I will be making another one of these for S’s best friend once I get the fabric for it.  The doll dresses are also matching (I made the T-shirt piece for the doll dresses from the fabric I cut off from the bottom of the main T).

Today I also made the mock-up for my Regency gown for the ball.  This is the movie gown I decided to re-make.  It is so beautiful!

I’m altering the main pattern (Simplicity 4055, View A) so that it has a darted front instead of gathered; I am also adding a waistband and raising the neckline and inch or two.  I noticed that the sleeves in Jane’s dress in the picture above appear to have a sheer material overlay, and I did not buy any fabric to do that; and the fabric seems to have an imprinted design, and my fabric doesn’t have the either, but the basic construction will be the same, and the color similar.  (The camera did not capture the color accurately; it is a deeper green than the pictures show.)

(The smaller cut of fabric on top is the lining; the larger cut is for the main body of the dress. 🙂 )

It’s a beautiful day here in my State today; most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the sun is casting a silver glow on the edges of the gray clouds interspersed here and there against the sky.  God is so good and has been reminding me of His wisdom and care as He orders the events in my life for my good and His glory.  It is exciting to see Him at work in so many different ways, from the lives of His people to the intricate details of the leaves changing colors and falling.  Everywhere are traces of His presence!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  Keep your eyes on Jesus!

P.S. The picture in the middle of the post is from the film “Becoming Jane”.  I have not seen this film, so I leave recommendation to others– judging my some reviews I read, I am not sure it is one I want to see.  I have collected screenshots from various places, however, and there appear to be some very beautiful costumes, including the one I am trying to remake. 🙂

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, you know, Christmas is coming! 🙂  I can’t believe how many sewing projects I have to get done by Christmas!!

  • Matching dresses for a girl and her doll
    • Progress: 1/2 done
  • Matching pajamas for the same girl and her doll
    •  Not yet begun, fabric purchased
  • Matching dresses for this girl’s best friend and her doll
    • Not yet begun
  • Matching pajamas for another girl and her four dolls
    • Not yet begun
  • A few simple skirts for yet another little girl
    • Not yet begun
  • A bodiced petticoat for Margaret
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought
  • A Regency gown for Margaret
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought
  • A Regency gown for myself
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought

Oh dear.  I’m beginning to feel almost overwhelmed!!  But it’s a good overwhelmed.  Sewing is, after all, something I love to do. 😉  I just hope I can get everything done in time.
Well, I had better get back to work on my project….  finish the first set of matching dresses and move right away to the bodiced petticoat.
Merry Pre-Christmas Season, everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. On another note, I sold two doll dresses on Etsy this week (YAY!!!) and am buying a serger!!!!  Woot woot!!!!  I’m so excited about it! 😀

A "Princess" Jumper for Kaylyn

Mrs. H had some fabric that had been sitting around the house, waiting to be turned into a dress for Kaylyn. But having three little ones, she doesn’t have much time to sew, so I decided, since I had my dear sewing machine with me 😉 and some patterns, I would make the dress.

However, I put it off and put it off because the pattern was very frustrating to try to understand and I was a little scared about cutting into it. Finally, two days before I left, I thought, “Okay, so I need to make this jumper; the pieces are already cut out, tomorrow’s Sunday, and I leave Monday…” However, Pastor and Mrs. H were going on a date that day and I was going to be babysitting the kids, so I didn’t know if I would be able to get it done on time. However, I took what open moments I had and this was the result:

Pattern Description: Common Sense Patterns, 420C- Preteen Basque Jumper
Pattern Sizing: Girl Size 10

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? yes, pretty much

Were the instructions easy to follow? The directions themselves were, for the most part, easy to understand, but… not entirely. As you will see below.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I think the only thing I liked about it was the end result. 😛 The pattern pieces were the worst. You’d think “Common Sense Patterns” would include the sensible and important information needed on the pattern pieces– the name of the pattern, the name of the piece, the sizes, dots and arrows, directions on how many pieces to cut, indications for where to cut on the fold, etc., etc…. These did NOT! All they said was “Back Bodice”, “Front Bodice”, etc., and the initials of the pattern. So I had to use common sense to try to figure out how much to cut of which pieces, etc. 😉 There were a couple other things about the pattern that were kind of strange…

Fabric Used: dark purple floral print cotton

Time it Took to Make It: I’m guessing about four or five hours (not including cutting it out)

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: The biggest alteration I made was cut the skirt back into two pieces so that the zipper reached farther down. (They had it going down to just above the waistline, and I didn’t think that would be very practical.)

Would you sew it again? Now that I know how to cut everything out and what alterations to make, yes, I think I would sew it again, because I really like how it turned out in the end. 🙂 But while I’m at it, I am going to make my own markings on the pattern pieces.

Would you recommend it to others? If you are willing to sit down and figure some things out for yourself, yeah. 😀

Other: The buttons were fun to do! I covered the buttons with the same material as the dress, and I think it turned out pretty cute. 🙂

Kaylyn was very excited about the jumper and calls it her “princess jumper”. 😀 It’s a little big on her right now, but that will leave room for her to grow into it and where it for a couple years. 🙂

A Jumper for Kaylyn

Today I finished a jumper for one of the girls in the family I am staying with this month.

Pattern Description: Simplicity 9846, View A

Pattern Sizing: Girl Size 8

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Pretty much so; except one portion regarding the placket for the skirt confused me a little bit, and I had to go by what I thought it meant and comparing it with another jumper made from that pattern.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It’s a cute and pretty easy pattern. I liked it for the most part, except that I prefer a full-bodice lining, and this only had pieces around the neckline and armholes.

Fabric Used: strawberry-print seersucker material from JoAnn’s

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: Instead of doing a contrast fabric trim on the front opening and the hem, I used the same fabric for the front opening and lengthened the skirt piece. I also tacked down the armhole facing and stitched the neckline facing down so it would be easier for Kaylyn to put it on.
Would you sew it again? I don’t know… maybe. 🙂

Would you recommend it to others? I would!

A Dress for Anna

 It was a delight to sew this dress for Anna and the doll dress for her doll Jessica.  I used McCalls 2590 for Anna’s dress and Simplicity 4654 for Jessica’s.  They are very similar except that the McCall’s pattern has an A-Line skirt and the sleeves are gathered, while the Simplicity pattern has a gathered skirt and the sleeves fit without gathering.  😛  
 I added the ribbon because I thought it just “tied it together” better than leaving it plain. 🙂  It ties in the back and looks so cute!
I am making another with the same patterns, but I am going to alter the skirt on Anna’s so that it is gathered like the doll dress.
Just for fun, here are Anna and me (and Jessica the doll 😉 ).