"Just What a Young Man Ought to Be"

We “Dashwood Sisters” love re-making movie scenes. Some of our favorites have been from That Darn Cat (the original, with Hayley Mills) and the Jane Austens. This one is from the ’95 Pride & Prejudice. We also have another from that version, and one from the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma that we can share if you really, really want us to. 😀 (They were earlier ones though, and not as well done.)
DON’T expect professional filming and acting, or accurate accents and costumes. This was just for FUN. 🙂

(I reloaded this a couple times in an attempt to make it not so fuzzy and pixelized. Hopefully this will be okay. *crosses fingers* If not, maybe I’ll load it to YouTube.)

Please respect property rights… because this was just a family fun goofy thing, we request that you do not repost it without permission.


2010 Jane Austen Tour

I don’t know how, but somehow I failed to realize that Feelin’ Feminine’s “2010 Jane Austen Tour” began two days ago!  (Oops)  At least this one is lasting through August 3rd, and there is plenty of time to participate. 
I am planning on participating in several of the categories and hope you will too!  Most of them, however, will probably have to wait until next week, as this week I am busy getting ready for my graduation open house.

While I’m doing that though, I will start uploading a very fun video for the second category!!  Hee hee hee!!  Okay, so I’ll upload two… or three??  Okay, well, you don’t even know what kind of videos I’m going to be uploading yet, and I sha’n’t tell you, except that it’s for the Jane Austen Tour.

I also plan on posting pictures of my latest sewing project too. 🙂