Lucy’s Coronation Dress and Cape… finished! :)

I finished the doll-sized version of Lucy’s Coronation Dress and Cape! Thanks be to God for His help as I worked on this project– He gave me the strength and ability to get it done in good time, and He also helped me to not get stressed at all yesterday while I worked on it. Thank You, Lord! <3>

I drafted most of the pattern, but used Josefina’s Christmas Dress as a base for the sleeves (I didn’t alter the puff part, but I widened the sleeves to make them more bell-like).
The main part of the dress is made from crepe-back satin and the sleeves are a satiny fabric.

The main body of the dress consists of the front, the side front panel (seen in the picture below), and the back, like the original.

I didn’t know how to make the pearls throughout the fabric, but I did sew on a pearl trim to the neckline.
The back fastens with velcro, but I added the pearl trim there also to give the look of the back button pearls on Lucy’s. I had the hardest time figuring out the Velcro… how to attach it without sewing over the pearls. I broke a needle, but not any of the pearls, and eventually got it figured out. Yay! 🙂

Now for the cape. I still wasn’t able to get it shaped just like the original, but I did my best. It is basically a rectangle with a scooped area for the neckline. It’s lined with white satiny fabric.
It closes with snaps but has a gold button for looks. The original has a lion head embossed on it, but I couldn’t find any with a lion head…so I got one that I felt at least had the same “feel” to it. 🙂

It has a cord trim around the neckline and front edges…
Look at the hem on the back… isn’t it marvelous? I used sari fabric for this, and have enough left over to make another cape AND a sari! But it’ll have to wait until after I’m done with all my other Christmas orders.
Thanks to “The Wardrobe Door” for the pictures of the movie costume and construction details! I referred to it often and it was a great help.

Well, I better get to work on my Regency dress. I forgot to post about how terrible it was going and how I bought new fabric for it… that’ll come later, I guess. 🙂

Have a wonderful day! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving (late) :-) and Prayer Request

as you received Christ Jesus the Lord
so walk in Him
rooted and built up in Him 
and established in the faith
just as you were taught
abounding in thanksgiving.”
(Colossians 2:6-7)
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I’ve been super busy sewing and other things, but not much time to post.  Will post soon! 🙂
(Prayers would be appreciated as I attempt to get Margaret’s and my dresses and Margaret’s petticoat all done by December 10th, as well as several Christmas orders.  I’m still feeling kind of overwhelmed and need prayer that I will get everything done and that I will keep my eyes on Jesus with a joyful heart even (read: especially) when I feel overwhelmed.  Thank you all!

New Project ~ A Custom Order on Etsy :)

I know I’ve been saying I felt overwhelmed by Christmas orders but when I got the email to do this one, well, I just couldn’t say “no”!

A lady contacted me on Etsy and asked me to make a doll-sized version of Lucy’s Coronation Gown and Cape!
Today I went to WalMart and JoAnn’s and was able to find the fabric for it.
The original costume was probably made out of crepe (panne) velvet but I couldn’t find it in that color, so I went with a similar looking fabric– I don’t even remember what it is, now. 😛 The sleeves will be made of costume satin.

The cape will be made with a sari fabric from JoAnn’s, lined with white lining. It’s not quite the same shade, but it was close, and it looked royal to me. 🙂
I also bought a rope trim to go around the cape and pearls for the neckline of the dress and for imitation buttons on the back.
I figured out how to thread my serger, which was very “motivating”, so now I’m moving along more quickly on my Christmas sewing projects. That’s a good feeling.
Have a wonderful day and keep your eyes on Jesus!
Last two images taken from The Wardrobe Door.

Meet Fred

My new Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger arrived this week!  Isn’t he great?
I don’t usually name objects, but I had a reason for naming this one.  It all started with an amusing Facebook conversation.

Me (status): “Mommy and I ordered my Brother 1043D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger (in short, my serger) today!! 😀 😀 😀 YAY!!”

DS: “Confused for about 20 seconds as I thought you were saying you ordered a brother! I didn’t think it could be that easy. Anyways, congratulations on your new arrival. 🙂 “

SJ:  “I was filled with the same confusion as D.S. and about to write Frances a congrats note… then kept reading. Whoo. That was close.”

AW: ” 😀 I thought you were saying that you ordered your brother a Serger…hmmm. 😉 “

I finally said I should have ordered a Babylock instead. 😉
Anyway, all the joke about a “Brother” gave me the idea to name it.  So I named it Fred.  I have sewed a little with the thread that came with it; I haven’t tried threading it yet though.  Hopefully I’ll do that on Monday.  Anyway, I’m very happy with it. 🙂

Let’s see…. what have I gotten done since I posted last?

Well, I didn’t get to sew as much as I had meant to this week.  I did buy the sheer fabric for the sleeves on my Regency dress, and have made one of the sleeves so far– I really like it with the sheer overlay.  I cut out the bodice for Margaret’s bodiced petticoat today but didn’t get around to sewing it yet.  (I’ve been so ridiculously busy!  I really can’t afford to go places because I have so much to do at home… and yet I do go places and get little done at home. 😛 )  I finished another part of one of the Christmas orders:

These are for a little girl at church, and there will be matching ones for her doll too (haven’t made them yet).  Her mom wanted me to add ruffles at the hem, something which I was at first very wary about.  Ruffles?  I thought it would look weird.  However, once I finished them, I was very pleased with how they turned out.  The fabric was so cute too.   It’s always very encouraging when a sewing project turns out better than you expected. 😉

What else did I do?  Oh, I worked out the dress to match this one.  Um….. I believe that’s all.

Life is so busy!   Busy busy busy.  I’m looking forward to after Christmas, when things should slow down a little. 🙂

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow, friends!

11/7 Bible Verse

“Then Jesus told His disciples,
‘If anyone would come after Me
let him deny himself 
and take up his cross 
and follow Me.  
For whoever would save his life will lose it, 
but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.  
For what will it profit a man
if he gains the whole world 
and forfeits his soul?”
(Matthew 16:24-26)

Regency Gown Progress 2

 My Regency gown is coming along pretty well!  I darted the bodice instead of gathering it; that took some experimenting, even after I made the mock-up (I think I redid the darts four times :-S ) but I think I’ve gotten them right now.  Today I attached the skirt to the bodice.  Here is the dress so far (sorry about my very straight face; I didn’t have my coffee this afternoon….)

Now I have to hem it, put in the back fastenings (probably hook-and-eyes), sew the waistband, and make the sleeves.
I still have to buy the sheer material for those.  Here’s a shot of Jane’s so you can see what I mean:

I’m afraid my dress isn’t going to look half as pretty as hers (I’m realizing more and more that it’s not even the same color 😛 ), but maybe I’m just thinking that because today has been one of those “Jonah” days, as Anne Shirley would say, in which so many little things go wrong 😉  (and it’s all because I didn’t have my afternoon coffee!  JK 😉 )  Anyway, we’ll see– I hope it turns out well in the end.  But now I need to put away the sewing machine for the day and either write my novel or do a Pilates workout– both of which are relaxing and may help to counter the lack of an afternoon coffee… 😉