As I said I would…

I’m posting a picture of my new haircut. 🙂

I had been going back and forth between a straight across, shoulder length cut and a short-short deal like Carey Mulligan’s here:

A friend of mine had actually taken a picture of Carey Mulligan to the hair salon and showed it to the hair stylist to cut it in that same style.  I think it’s super cute and thought I might like to try it, but I just didn’t feel ready yet to have it that short and I also wanted to still be able to play around with it  a little.

So I got a shoulder-length cut instead.

My mamma cut it for me on Saturday evening.  Much less expensive than getting it done at a salon. 🙂

Here ’tis!

I feel like it is still very distinguishable feminine (I had some people express their idea that it wouldn’t) and I actually find I can do more with it than I could when it was longer.  It’ll actually hold in a clip now, and flat-ironing it gives it a cute little “flip”. 😉  The only thing I really miss is being able to braid it, though I think I could still get out two little French braids on the side… not like I’ve ever been able to do those myself– Marianne is always the one to French braid my hair. 🙂  Anyway, I’m happy with it. 🙂

Off to sewing now!  If you could say a prayer that my serger wouldn’t hate me today like it hated me yesterday, that would be grrreat. 🙂



Ok, so when you see the curling irons out, you know that hair is gonna be done…

and it certainly was!! Marianne practiced my (Margaret’s) hair-style I want for the ball! We based it off of Taylor Swift’s hair in the music video “Love Story”.

Not exactly the same because I have bangs…

But I think it’s definitely close!! Marianne did a GREAT job!!

The decorative headband I got from Claire’s for $10.50, and I also got a new necklace at the same place for the same price, but you’ll see that when we post pictures of the ball! 😀

I’m excited!! 🙂


P.S. Don’t you love my “Hamot Shock Trauma” T-shirt that’s 3 sizes too big for me? Totally goes w/ the hairstyle! 😀