A new website…

Just for the fun of it, and for the enjoyment of fellow American Girl fans, I have started up an American Girl-themed website. 🙂  There are pages for the doll clothes I make, doll repair, photostories, and a blog.   I will still post pictures of my Etsy listings on this blog, but most American Girl/non-sewing-related or “just for fun” posts will be moved to there.


A Sneak Peak at the Next Etsy Item

A doll-sized 1940’s school jumper!

I think I like this better than any of my other doll projects so far! I’m going to have a hard time parting from it… 😉
It was my first time making box/inverted pleats; aren’t they neat?? I had a ball making them…

Anyway, I still have to make the blouse to go with this and then put it up for sale. I actually already made a blouse, but when I was done with everything except for the fastenings I decided it was way to fray-happy and I didn’t like the way it looked. (I had used a very thin, fraying material.) So I am going to start all over again with muslin and probably trim it with piping instead of lace.

Just for fun, here is a tutorial for making box/inverted pleats.