Merry Christmas!

“The Lord your God is in your midst…”
Emmanuel.  God with us.
Approximately 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ came to earth, fully God and fully man, and dwelt among men.  He lived, died, and rose again.  Now He has given us His Spirit to dwell in us and guide us.  He is truly “God With Us”. 
Let this thrilling thought remain with you throughout this season and this next year.  Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, God is with you, and He will never leave or forsake you.
We are never alone, for God is with us.
Merry Christmas, one and all!

P.S. “The Dashwood Sisters” blog hit 100 followers today! 😀

Thought It Right to Mention…

…By God’s help I was able to get all my deadline projects done as of Saturday, the 18th!  I got everyone’s orders to them on time and marked off every thing as “FINISHED” on my sidebar list.  Thank You, Lord, for giving me the strength, endurance, and speed to get it all done on time!

Now I have time for some leisure sewing.  I picked up a blouse I had cut out back in the summer, but found I needed to cut some self-fabric binding for it as well and I can’t find the rest of the fabric… So until I find that 😉 I think I’ll tap into the scraps I’ve accumulated over the last couple months and make some doll clothes to sell. 🙂

"Dress for Marianne" Progress…Heart Progress

Is it because I’ve become too used to sewing tiny doll clothes that I have run into so many problems this time, making a life-sized outfit??  Or is it because I have a deadline that I need to finish by?

The dress for Marianne is giving me lots of problems!  To begin with, I altered the back piece without really having to (not understanding how the pattern was going to work) so it is almost too snug… I say almost because I think I can adjust it to work; still, it would have worked better if I hadn’t trimmed off some of the back center piece like that. 😛  Then, on Monday, I attached the lining to the main fabric and understitched, only to realize that I had been following the instructions for the sleeveless option, not the short-sleeves option that Marianne wanted!!  AAAHH!!  So I had to seamrip all that… Then yesterday I had to seamrip again, though it wasn’t such a big deal– I sewed the sleeve on inside-out.  *sighs*

And yet the Lord sent me just what I needed to hear at a revival meeting last night by Evangelist Steve Pettit.  Trials– whether they be big trials like illness and family problems, or whether they be small annoyances like the washing machine breaking down or having to seamrip all you were working on for the last three hours– are to test our faith and to build in us patience/endurance.  They reveal what is in our heart, and sometimes what we find coming out from our heart is a little scary.  When I had realized I had to undo all my work on Monday, I reacted in anger which ridiculously slid into self-pity/Charlie Brown syndrome (“Everything I touch goes wrong!”)  Then I was upset at everything until we got to the revival meetings that evening and I was convicted about my response of self-pity and self-love.  I can see that God is wanting to help me overcome these sometimes-hidden sins in my heart, and to teach me to have a Christ-like response to even “small” trials… True, I may be a little upset at having “wasted” all that time, but then, if I choose to glorify God with my response, then the time wasn’t really wasted, was it? 

The key in all the great and small frustrations of life is to glorify God and act as Jesus would.  Then the Lord will build endurance in us and make us more like Him and draw us closer to Him.  Isn’t knowing Jesus more important than getting a seam right the first try?

I had better “run” now and get to work on the dress… I have to finish it by Friday.  If you think to, please say a word of prayer for me that I will glorify God in my sewing today (no matter what goes wrong) and that I will be able to finish it on time.  Thanks so much! 🙂

Have a wonderful , creative, Christ-honoring day! 🙂

Random :-)

Ever since Blogger came out with the “Stats” page on blogger dashboards, I have been intrigued to see what posts on “The Dashwood Sisters” blog are visited most.  Did you know that the Molly’s Wardrobe page has been visited 383 times since May?  Following that is the Emma Costume Study at 228 views.  The other pages on the Wives and Daughters costume study, the movie reviews, and the posts from the Anne of Green Gables fashion week all have received a good many views.

I’m glad so many people are visiting my costume study page!  Because of all the views, I thought I would ask my readers, what do you think of the Wives and Daughters Costume Study page?  Is there anything you think I could add to make it more detailed and interesting?  Or do you like it as it is?  Have any of the posts helped you in recreating your own Wives and Daughters costume?  (I should love to see the finished product, if they have helped!)  Would you like to see other characters added to the study?  (I have been planning on screencapping Mrs. Hamley’s and the Browning sisters’ gowns but have not taken the time to yet.)  What about any new pages?  Please feel free to share.  Just please be kind in your comments and don’t slaughter the posts.  You may give ideas, but don’t slaughter them. 

One more thought: I would like to start posting Bible verses more frequently; perhaps schedule them for every Sunday.  After all, God has made us for His glory, and there is no greater joy in life than fulfilling that purpose for which He created us.  Here is one to get us started, even if it’s not Sunday:

“But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting 
on those who fear Him
and His righteousness to children’s children
to those who keep His covenant
and remember to do His commandments.”
(Psalm 103:17-18)


I took our Etsy shop off of vacation mode and added two new doll outfits YESTERDAY, and one of them (the “Box Hill” dress) sold TODAY! WOOHOO!!! That was fast!! 😀 I guess I need to keep making these movie costume remakes… 😉

Today I finished a new project which I will hopefully get pictures of tomorrow. It’s a bolero jacket for myself, since I forgot to pack my store-bought one but brought the dresses I need one with on this trip…

I’m still on vacation (though Etsy shop isn’t, because Marianne is at home to take care of it 🙂 ) and have been enjoying the opportunity to spend time with friends, serve the Lord and learn more of Him in so many ways. He is so good and continues to show me how wonderful He is! Even the outfit selling on Etsy is an answer to prayer and reminds me that He knows our needs and desires and fulfills them according to His will.

It is good to know that we can rest in Him and that He will lead us in the direction we should go. I really need His guidance as I graduate from high school this year and seek to know what to do with my life. Little reminders, even small answers to prayer or a glimpse of a full, deep-colored rainbow like I saw yesterday, help me to keep Him in focus and trust His presence and care.

Forgive me for going off-topic (and yet not entirely off-topic 😉 ) but I felt like it. And “The Dashwood Sisters” blog needn’t be merely about sewing and crocheting and costuming. How have you all been lately? Anything off-topic that you’d like to share? Answered prayers? Encouraging words? 😉

Buttonholes and Blouses

Forgive me for my lack of posts lately. I’ve had a good reason. That is, I was stuck; yes, stuck. The dreadful thing: buttonholes. Nineteen of them staring at me with evil snickers. Well, between the efforts of my dear mamma and myself, the buttonholes were finally overcome, but not after having to seamrip and redo several because the machine caught up the bobbin and made a huge big glop on the opposite side. Grrr!

But I am now considering buying a new machine; we went to Case the other day and looked at a gorgeous Baby Lock Grace. (The man at Case demonstrated how to do buttonholes on it, as well as several fancy stitches. They’re a breeze!) We will hopefully get that, and then, whew! Won’t it make sewing easier!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the finished product:

I like the broach I added to the collar. 🙂 This is the best shot of the buttons.

Tucked out and tied in the back… next time when I make a back tie, I will probably start the ties in the front so they go around to the back. I wasn’t really sure how to do it when I was reading the directions.

The best “long” shot of me, pretending to be grave. 😉 (Though I think by that time people looked a little more cheerful in their pictures. ;-))
I am pretty convinced that the Edwardian style does not suit by body type very well at all, seeing that I am very short-waisted, and the style looks better on a long-waisted person. (Regency is probably my best bet because it does not define the waist.) However, the skirt might have something to do with the chunky, pudgy look; I think skirts in that era were fuller in the back rather than at the hips. I’m still going to finish my Edwardian wardrobe anyway. At least some skirts, because those are absolutely adorable! 😀

On a side note, let me share an answer to prayer! I was asking the Lord for opportunities to make money off of sewing. Then a mom in our church came up to me several Sundays ago and asked if I could make some clothes for her girls. I am now getting started on that project, and I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing it about! He is so good! 🙂

So hopefully I can post a picture of some of those things when I am finished with them. It will be my first time working with denim and I am excited! 😀