Tote Bag for Marianne

Since Marianne will be starting up teaching piano lessons again in January, I thought it fitting to make her a bag to carry her music books in! I made it from scraps from my stash. There is a pocket on each side, for pencils, lesson planners, etc. 😉 It was fun making when she was away, playing the piano at the Villa…

I got the pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew.

Here’s the girl herself, all ready to go! 🙂Merry Christmas, “Marianne”! 🙂

1890s Doily

The pattern for this doily I got from an Old-Time Crochet magazine, and the editors of that magazine got it from an 1890 magazine. 🙂
***Top view*********
This doily ended up being about 10 inches wide. It was supposed to be 8 1/2 inches, but I had to use size 10 thread instead of 20 because I didn’t have size 20. 😛

The most challenging part was those boxes in the middle. I had to do them three times in order to get the first two to point the correct direction, but I did master it! 🙂

I’m looking forward to making another one of these. 🙂


Last night, I finished the “Kittens” project and this morning, I set to work on getting rid of that nasty yellow stain. I chose to do what Sabine had suggested first–got out a bath towel, laid the kitty on it, wet the stain with a warm and wet facecloth, tamped it with dish soap, stretched it out in a cross-stitch hoop, and ran boiling water over it. Guess what?

THE STAIN CAME ALL THE WAY OUT!!!! No trace left!!!

So thank you, Sabine, for your awesome suggestion!!

Here are pictures of the completed project, which I am planning to enter in the fair tomorrow. 🙂


Oh no!

My apologies for not having posted in SO long…I haven’t been crocheting much since the weather’s been nice and I’ve been busy. But on Thursday, I decided to get out my table runner and work on it a little. To my dismay, I discovered that this:

…had melted through a pocket in my crochet bag onto this…
…leaving this:
A yellow spot! I was upset initially, but then I decided that I’d just finish the project anyhow and ask for advice on how to get hard yellow candy out of your #20 cotton thread table runner. Do any of you have any suggestions of soaps to use or tried-and-true procedures to do?

The spot is about one inch by one inch–not big at all.

I would appreciate any help I can get!!! Thanks!

A Plastic Grocery Bag Keeper

Need a place to store plastic grocery bags between shopping trips to Aldi’s? Tired of plastic bags cluttering the house?

How about trying a Plastic Grocery Bag Keeper!

I made the following from Shannon’s Plastic Grocery Bag Keeper Tutorial . This bag, with rows of tiny red apples over a yellow background, would make a lovely edition to an apple-themed kitchen!

I will either store this up to sell in an Etsy shop, when we start one, or, if any of my readers are interesting in purchasing it now, please drop me a comment and let me know!