Mid-19th century doll dress

In case any of you were wondering, no, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of sewing the last couple months. 😉 I took a break after my sister’s wedding and the break ended up being a little longer than I was intending. This was due to a lot of factors… my grandma came to stay at our house due to her declining health, and passed away in August; I’ve been working towards starting college and had things like my ACT to take and fun stuff like that; we went and visited family and friends in another state for a couple weeks…. lots of things like that. Busy busy.

However, now that Christmas is coming, with school closely following, I’ve decided to get back to work on my sewing. I wrote out a page and a half of doll dress ideas, mostly movie costume remakes. 🙂 I also have some other large-scale projects coming up to get done before I start school in January, so I should be getting started on those soon too. Details yet to come.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you my most recent project. I started it a couple weeks ago, but ran out of thread and then life and busyness picked up and I didn’t get around to finishing it until this last week.

The style was based on an absolutely fantastic specimen I stumbled across on [the world’s most awesomest site] Pinterest.

I think this gown from 1844 is simply breathtaking. I would totally absolutely 100% wear this. 🙂 Unfortunately, historical costuming costs money I’m saving up for college, so the next best solution is to make it in doll size. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, except that the bodice ended up a little shorter than I would have preferred, and the skirt is fuller than I expected– it seems to stick out more like a hoopskirt. I listed it as an 1850s dress instead of 1840s because I figured that was about right…? I could be wrong though… 😐

Anyway, this is now listed on my Etsy shop, which, by the way, I would like to change the name of, since I’m the only one who lists on there, and the products don’t really have to do with the Dashwood sisters at all, but I would have to set up a whole new shop and transfer everything, come up with a new name, and confuse my Facebook fans… 😉 (and the rules about how many shops you can have are kind of confusing on Etsy, I’ve found). What do you think? Should I set up a new shop with a new name? Or is it fine as it is?

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully you will be seeing more of me now, though, as I have more sewing projects to keep me busy now. 🙂

P.S. Question for [present or former] college students who sew: How did/do you keep up your sewing while in school/college? Or can you at all? 😛


Amy Dorrit Ballgown

We are planning to attend a Literary Ball in April.  You can come as any book character, and I decided to come as Amy Dorrit.  This is the dress I’m planning to re-make (just hopefully I can find the right fabric for a sensible price! 🙂 )

Is it lovely? I’m so excited about this project and really hope I can find the right material and get the right look!

Princess Kaiulani

Coming out in theaters this week is a new film about Princess Kaiulani, the princess of Hawaii. It looks like it will be good…not sure what the rating is yet though… :-S
Anyhoo! I believe it is set in the late 1880s, early 1890s–one of my favorite fashion eras!! The costumes are just beautiful! Take a look!

I was able to find several pictures of the real Princess Kaiulani online. Again, beautiful costumes from the era. Here are some of the pictures:

I would love to make some outfits based on some of these costumes!
Which do you like best?

I Really Really Feel Like….

….making another historical dress!! And what’s so sad is that I have to wait until I make my 1800’s corset, and I have to wait to make my 1800’s corset until Corsetmaking.com‘s Laughing Moon Silverado Corset Kit is back in stock!! *snaps fingers* (I knew I shouldn’t have put off buying it until after our trip… :-/ )

*sighs* The weather is sooooo beautiful and it just feels like I should be working with five yards of beautifully, springy/summery fabric for an 1800’s dress. Here are some of my options:

Love it!!!! I SEW want to make it!!! 😀 😀 😀

Yellow!!! I love yellow!! I love this dress too!
And more yellow (with blue)…(Oh! And there’s Mr. Knightly! 😀 Better and better… 😀 )

That’s not another yellow dress I spot, is it? 😀
One of Ada Clare’s dresses would be lovely too!

Okay, so this one isn’t yellow, and wouldn’t take five yards of fabric, and isn’t 1800’s, but it is beautiful!
I also really want to make some 30’s and 40’s outfits after watching the “Molly” and “Kit” American Girl movies!!

What do you really really want to sew?

1890s Inspiration Part 1

I know some people really do not like the styles of the 1890s, but after walking some episodes of “Lark Rise to Candleford” a couple months ago, I have been quite hooked on the decade. I am thinking about posting, now and then, some pictures of 1890s styles that I might like to copy for myself or for doll clothes.

Here is a walking outfit that I read about on the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

Sorry the pictures are blurry.(I don’t think I would have the back of the skirt to be quite so full.)

This dress is, to quote the website, “Linen, with collar and cuffs embroidered with silk cord, elastic stays attached to the inside of the skirt to control the fullness, hand and machine sewn.”

I could possibly make my Beatrix jacket look a little like the jacket on this outfit, if I do some alterations (like make the sleeves puffed 😉 ) and copy the trim. It is the same color, nearly, as the Beatrix skirt that I made (only that was twill, not linen, but hey! It’s the look I’d be going for, not an identical reproduction!)

Do you like, dislike, or not care about 1890s styles?

P.S. How do you like the new header on the blog?

Beautiful Inspiration

I recently found a link on another blog to this collection of antique dresses, I think from the Smithsonian (is that right, Rebecca?). Anyway, I had to post some of my favorites!! 😀

Cynthia, anyone? (Sorry, it really reminds me of Cynthia though. 🙂 )

This is late 1830’s, early 1840’s. (Could be pulled up on the shoulders…)
Absolute gorgeousness!! This is late 1850’s, early 1860’s.
There are several ADORABLE Edwardian dresses!!! Lots of inspiriation! 🙂

*sighs* What a beautiful color!!! And the style! I love it! 😀

Very pretty!
Not the hat, by the way… 😉
This may be my absolute favorite; it reminds me of Laura Timmons from Lark Rise to Candleford, and I think I could find a way to make one like it based on Jenny Chancey’s Edwardian patterns!

On a side note:

Believe it or not, I have been sewing PEOPLE clothes as well as doll clothes! Got stuck on the zipper on Saturday (first time sewing a zipper) and just haven’t picked it up since then, but I might this evening or tomorrow. Will say no more. 🙂

Also, check out my Wives and Daughters link; I have edited some of the graphics to make it more interesting. Let me know what you think. 🙂


Below is a picture of my grandma and grandpa at their wedding in 1957. Isn’t my grandma’s dress lovely? (This is the same grandma that I talked about in this post.)
I am not sure whether we have this dress anywhere, but I would love to make one like it for my wedding, if the Lord ever brings such an event about in my life. 😉 I just adore the styles from that decade!! 😀