New Etsy listing and photography

Today I was bemoaning the fact that the pictures on my Etsy shop look so unprofessional.  So Margaret set up a temporary photography studio in the living room and this is what she did:

Isn’t she amazing?
Also, today I listed a new dress on the Etsy shop:

Two New Etsy Listings…

Hey! Just thought I’d let you know that there are two new listings on our Etsy shop.
Here is one: a picture I took in June and then edited just recently.

And a crocheted hat and scarf set for dolls, preparing for winter! 🙂

Hope you all have a great evening! ~Margaret

Picnik effects

Hi! This is Margaret again……I didn’t take the following picture but I’ve been practicing/playing around on Picnik with it and thought I’d post some of the things I did to the picture, and please, tell me which one you think looks best! I want to see ya’lls opinions on them! 🙂

Fancy Focus

I think I like the Orton best, but tell me which one YOU like best! 🙂

Photo credit: Google Images


Hi all! This is Margaret! Eleanor told me that since we changed the name of this blog to “The Dashwood Sisters” so we can have a wider variety to post about, she said I could post some of my photography on here! So I have—this is my favorite picture lately! 🙂 I took it in Florida last month.

And here it is photo-shopped (sp?) on Picnik. 🙂 I’m still experimenting with Picnik to see what all it has, so this isn’t that good, but tell me what you think. Which do you like better? The original or the photo-shopped? 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to look at Eleanor’s most recent post: “North & South (2004) – A Review“. 🙂