American Girl in Wonderland :-)

A friend of mine recently wrote me and asked if I could make her an Alice in Wonderland dress for her doll. It was a delightfully fun project– I love making movie costume re-makes! 🙂

The original:

My version:
I used the pattern for Kirsten’s Birthday Dress and Pinafore as a base for the dress, but made a few changes. I added a Peter Pan collar from another pattern and put sleevebands on the sleeves instead of elastic. On the pinafore, I extended the waistband piece to make ties.
The only major difference from the original was the back of the dress–Alice’s appears to have a sort of yoke in the back, and I wasn’t sure how to go about making that, so I just followed the Kirsten pattern. I couldn’t get the tie to look quite so big either… :-S
Today Bethany got some pictures of it before shipping it. I’m actually not very familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story (I’ve never made it through the whole movie) but I knew a few aspects of it and tried to work them into the photography. 🙂 I tried to find a small bottle (“Drink me”) but couldn’t…but we did have cards and a kitty. 🙂

I am planning on making some Valentines-themed and Regency doll dresses this week, so stay tuned. 🙂 I’m also planning on a 1940s “Swing” dress but have to finish cutting out the pattern yet (that’s the worst part of sewing– cutting out the pattern). 🙂 I hope you are all well!


As I said I would…

I’m posting a picture of my new haircut. 🙂

I had been going back and forth between a straight across, shoulder length cut and a short-short deal like Carey Mulligan’s here:

A friend of mine had actually taken a picture of Carey Mulligan to the hair salon and showed it to the hair stylist to cut it in that same style.  I think it’s super cute and thought I might like to try it, but I just didn’t feel ready yet to have it that short and I also wanted to still be able to play around with it  a little.

So I got a shoulder-length cut instead.

My mamma cut it for me on Saturday evening.  Much less expensive than getting it done at a salon. 🙂

Here ’tis!

I feel like it is still very distinguishable feminine (I had some people express their idea that it wouldn’t) and I actually find I can do more with it than I could when it was longer.  It’ll actually hold in a clip now, and flat-ironing it gives it a cute little “flip”. 😉  The only thing I really miss is being able to braid it, though I think I could still get out two little French braids on the side… not like I’ve ever been able to do those myself– Marianne is always the one to French braid my hair. 🙂  Anyway, I’m happy with it. 🙂

Off to sewing now!  If you could say a prayer that my serger wouldn’t hate me today like it hated me yesterday, that would be grrreat. 🙂


I just got pictures from one of my Christmas orders! 🙂  The order was four doll pajamas and a pair of pajamas for a very special young friend of mine, Anna, and her dolls.   I had a lot of fun with this project, coming up with different styles of pajamas to use with the same fabric.

Doesn’t Anna have a lovely little doll family?

My only disappointment in this project was that Anna’s pajamas turned out being way to big.  The pattern I used was one of those “Fast and Easy” patterns and I’m convinced there was something wrong with the sizing chart.  When I was sewing the pjs, they really looked like women’s size!  However, they apparently are working fine for Anna and she’ll be able to wear them for another couple years at least. 😉
I have a couple custom sewing orders right now– an Alice in Wonderland doll dress (the blue dress with the white apron, from the animated Disney version), and a “school jumper” and two doll blouses.  They’re coming along okay except for the fact that my serger has been HATING me the last couple days and doing it’s best to slow me down and discourage me in my work.  Grrr.  Sergers– you either love ’em or you hate ’em.  Anyway!  Besides the serger problem, the orders are coming along well and keeping me busy! 🙂
What sewing projects have you been working on lately?

Fashion Week coming up!

Bramblewood Fashion is having a “Keeping it Classy” fashion week from February 13th-19th!  
I’m afraid I’m one of the least classy people I know.  No matter how hard I try, I can never get myself to look classy.  😛  But I might enter on a couple of the days anyway.  At any rate, it’ll be nice to read others’ posts and get ideas. 😉

Along the line of looks, I’m seriously considering cutting my hair.  Part of me doesn’t want to, simply because it’s taken me so long to grow it as long as it is now, and I can put it up in historical styles, but then, I never can put it up anyway, Marianne has to, and I’m kind of tired of my hair flopping on my shoulders… so I think I’m going to cut it to just above my shoulders…nothing too fancy, just something easy to take care of. 🙂  I’ll be sure to post pictures when I do (unless I change my mind 😉 ) . 

Polyvore Fun and Etsy Ideas

I got a Polyvore account sometime back.  Now, most of you know, I’m no fashionista.  I have very little knowledge of modern styles or how to make myself look good in them.  I got Polyvore just for the fun of making collages. 😉
I’m still not very good at it but here is what I’ve made so far:

I know this one’s very simple, but I had fun with it.  It was my first Polyvore set.

Based on “If My Heart was a House” by Owl City… I tried to incorporate details from the song but couldn’t find everything I wanted.  Still, anyway. 🙂

This was very spur-of-the-moment— I was demonstrating Polyvore to Amanda and was trying to think of a topic, and she said “Coffee” and this is what came of it. 😉

 Okay.  Now about Etsy ideas.
I’m thinking about opening a separate Etsy shop exclusively for my doll clothes and leaving the other one up for other items.  I’m also wanting to do some “series”, perhaps seasonal collections or series based on movie costumes.  Here are some ideas I had:

* Lucy Pevensie’s wardrobe from the Walden Narnia films (maybe Susan’s too, eventually, but I’m not sure)
* Princess Bride costumes (that would be a challenge)
* Disney Princess outfits (not just the main ones… also one’s like Belle’s blue pinafore dress and things like that)
* an exclusive Regency/Jane Austen collection
* seasonal collections (spring, summer, fall, winter)

PLEASE, do you have any other ideas that would be nice for doll clothes?  Maybe ask little friends of yours that play with American Girl dolls… what kind of outfits they’d like to have for their dolls.  I might not take everyone’s ideas (it all depends on if I can find the right fabrics and can copy the look, you know 😉 ) but the more ideas I have, the better knowledge I’ll have of what people like. 🙂