Christmas Projects Progress / Regency Gown Progress

I finished the dress for the first order today and have just a little ways to go on the doll dress. Here it is:

It is based off another dress that the mom of the girl I’m making it for had ordered from an Etsy shop a couple years ago.  Her little girl has grown out of that dress so she asked me to make one similar to it. The project was fun and easy.  Mrs. H bought the T-shirt from the store, then I cut off several inches from the bottom of the shirt, cut out the skirt, and sewed that onto the T-shirt.  I also added pockets of another fabric and made a fabric “flower” design similar to the one on S’s original dress.  Cutting out the circles for the “flower” and positioning them just right was a challenge, but a good one.

I will be making another one of these for S’s best friend once I get the fabric for it.  The doll dresses are also matching (I made the T-shirt piece for the doll dresses from the fabric I cut off from the bottom of the main T).

Today I also made the mock-up for my Regency gown for the ball.  This is the movie gown I decided to re-make.  It is so beautiful!

I’m altering the main pattern (Simplicity 4055, View A) so that it has a darted front instead of gathered; I am also adding a waistband and raising the neckline and inch or two.  I noticed that the sleeves in Jane’s dress in the picture above appear to have a sheer material overlay, and I did not buy any fabric to do that; and the fabric seems to have an imprinted design, and my fabric doesn’t have the either, but the basic construction will be the same, and the color similar.  (The camera did not capture the color accurately; it is a deeper green than the pictures show.)

(The smaller cut of fabric on top is the lining; the larger cut is for the main body of the dress. 🙂 )

It’s a beautiful day here in my State today; most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the sun is casting a silver glow on the edges of the gray clouds interspersed here and there against the sky.  God is so good and has been reminding me of His wisdom and care as He orders the events in my life for my good and His glory.  It is exciting to see Him at work in so many different ways, from the lives of His people to the intricate details of the leaves changing colors and falling.  Everywhere are traces of His presence!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  Keep your eyes on Jesus!

P.S. The picture in the middle of the post is from the film “Becoming Jane”.  I have not seen this film, so I leave recommendation to others– judging my some reviews I read, I am not sure it is one I want to see.  I have collected screenshots from various places, however, and there appear to be some very beautiful costumes, including the one I am trying to remake. 🙂


What Have I Been Up To?

Well, you know, Christmas is coming! 🙂  I can’t believe how many sewing projects I have to get done by Christmas!!

  • Matching dresses for a girl and her doll
    • Progress: 1/2 done
  • Matching pajamas for the same girl and her doll
    •  Not yet begun, fabric purchased
  • Matching dresses for this girl’s best friend and her doll
    • Not yet begun
  • Matching pajamas for another girl and her four dolls
    • Not yet begun
  • A few simple skirts for yet another little girl
    • Not yet begun
  • A bodiced petticoat for Margaret
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought
  • A Regency gown for Margaret
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought
  • A Regency gown for myself
    • Not yet begun, fabric bought

Oh dear.  I’m beginning to feel almost overwhelmed!!  But it’s a good overwhelmed.  Sewing is, after all, something I love to do. 😉  I just hope I can get everything done in time.
Well, I had better get back to work on my project….  finish the first set of matching dresses and move right away to the bodiced petticoat.
Merry Pre-Christmas Season, everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. On another note, I sold two doll dresses on Etsy this week (YAY!!!) and am buying a serger!!!!  Woot woot!!!!  I’m so excited about it! 😀

Material!!!!! :)

Hello from Margaret!

This is a post about my material for my Regency dress for the ball in December!!!! I originally wasn’t going to get red and gold, but the green that I wanted was too expensive, and when I saw this crimson stuff, I was like “Aww, man, that’d be a cool dress.” So I bought it. 😀 The gold will be the sash, and maybe trim, if I need it. 😀 I’m SOOO excited!!!! 🙂

I love the buttons. 🙂

Just thought I’d share that with you all! 🙂 🙂

Simplicity 3750 ~ finally posting about it! ;-)

I made this top several months ago for Margaret (I believe I made it in July) and keep on forgetting to post about it. Well, now I’m posting about it. 😉

Pattern Description: Simplicity 3750, View C

Pattern Sizing: Size 14 (I think)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? not really. Because of the alterations I made, it ended up looking kind of different.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, quite easy.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love the style– the higher waist and the gathered top are really cute. It was also an easy pattern to work with. I don’t care for how low the collar is though… it looks fine on the model on the pattern but on my sister and me it was very low, which is why I altered that piece (but I’ll talk about that later).
Fabric Used: It’s been a while so I don’t remember what it is called… I think it’s one of the Silky Prints fabrics at JoAnn Fabrics.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I added three or four inches to the top and an inch to the bottom of the front bodice piece. Later I realized I didn’t need to add that extra inch on the bottom… oh well. I also widened the skirt piece a little because it was very snug in the hips.
Would you sew it again? Yes. I actually have a top in this style cut out for myself, but for some reason unknown to myself I haven’t gotten to work sewing it yet. 🙂
Would you recommend it to others? Yes! It’s a lovely pattern and the result is very cute! It’s also a pretty easy pattern, and the most you have to worry about is it fitting correctly (make a mock-up first!).

(Of course, as usual, Kitty just had to make it into the photoshoot. 🙂 )

Regency Gowns Yet to Come!

I am so thrilled!!  We just found out that we, Lord willing, will be attending a Regency-themed Christmas Ball in December!!!  I am SO EXCITED, for one reason, because I’ve always wanted to attend a Regency ball, and for another reason, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to make and wear a Regency ballgown, and now I do! 😀
Marianne and Margaret have already told me what kind of dress they would like me to make them.  Marianne is interested in a dress similar to the dress Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) wears to Box Hill in the Mirimax version of Emma, or View A of the Simplicity version of Jennie Chancey’s Regency Dress pattern.
 Margaret is interested in a dress similar to Emma’s green evening gown in the 2009 BBC miniseries of Emma.
Now, you think I know which gown I want to make?
Me?  Indecisive me?
No way!
A hundred options lie before me.  Well, maybe not a hundred, but in any case, I have a lot of ideas.
 I love the following two dresses from Persuasion.  We’ll call them Anne’s Rose-Colored Evening Gown and Anne’s Concert Gown (because she wears it to the opera concert).
I’m not sure why, but have always liked this dress of Charlotte’s.  I think it is the more modest neckline and the lovely trim.  I’d make the waistline lower though.
 Then there is the afore-admired Marianne Crossover Dress, but would it be practical for dancing in?
I also just noticed this lovely dress from Becoming Jane.  I’ve always wanted a green gown! 🙂  (BTW, referencing a gown from the movie does not mean I approve of the movie.  I actually haven’t watched it, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not the story of the real Jane Austen. 😛 )
This would be a little later than Regency, but I do love Amy Dorrit’s ballgown/wedding gown too.
What do you think?  Which of the above should I make for myself?  Or should I be creative and make something of my own imagination? 😀

Edited October 13th: A dear and honest friend of mine expressed a concern about some of the immodest dresses in some of the pictures I posted (Lizzie’s and Caroline’s) so I have either removed or cropped them.  I apologize to those whom the pictures may have offended.  I do want this site to be honoring to the Lord, so if ever you have a concern, please feel free to voice it to me in a comment or email.

A Marianne Dashwood Dress~ Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, Post 4

 I can’t believe the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival is already almost over!   Have you been keeping up with it on Atlanta’s blog?  There have been some amazing entries!  I am so inspired now to sew more historical costumes!

I so wish I had remembered on time to make the many other costumes I’d love to re-create.  Perhaps I will do a post next week about those– only it might be a very very long post. 😉

Here is my fourth and last post for the Historical Costuming Inspiration Festival

I love this dress of Marianne’s! I would love to make one like it for myself…

…but instead I made a doll-sized version.
The fabric is not the same color, but the construction details are the same. 🙂

I used the Josefina’s Christmas Dress Pattern as a base, but made several alterations. I added about an inch to the width of the front bodice piece so that it would have room to gather. The sleeves I borrowed from another pattern so that they would be slightly gathered at the top (but not puffed) and cut them at 3/4 length. I also created a waistband like Marianne’s.

Well, that is all for my Costume Inspiration entries.  Hopefully, you will be seeing more in the future. 🙂  Now, ladies, we all must try to convince Atlanta to do this festival again next year!! 😀 😀 😀

P.S. I could not enter these because they were not my work, but if you want to be further inspired, check out the “Costumes Inspired by Wives and Daughters” page of my Costume Study series! 🙂