Disney Princess Themed Doll Dresses

For Christmas I made some little friends of mine Disney-themed doll dresses, based on their favorite Disney princess. It was such a fun project, and my first sewing project in a long time that was my own idea and I could do whatever I wanted with it. 😉 (I’ve come to the realization that I don’t like custom orders because I have to make things according to how other people want them and can’t play around with them and make them how I want; but with projects of my own invention, I can do whatever I want with them and be as creative or uncreative as I’d like. 😉 It’s so much easier. 😉 )

The idea started with this dress, made several months ago, from leftover fabric from the bridesmaid dresses.

I thought then that the coloring reminded me of Cinderella, and then I decided to make several doll dresses based on my friends’ favorite Disney princesses.

Michaela’s favorite is Tiana.

For this dress, I used was the Heritage Wrap Top Dress (which I also used for the Cinderella dress and as a base for the Snow White dress). The main fabric is a greyish-green polyester shantung. (It looks greener in person; the camera captured too much of the light reflecting off of it.) A silky off-white fabric (like was used for the sashes on the bridesmaid dresses) forms an underskirt and the lining. I was going to put the flower on the side, like Tiana’s, but ended up liking it better in the front like you see in the picture.

Kirsten’s favorite is Ariel.

The Ariel dress is the most unique of the four because I used a completely different pattern for it. I used the Bunny Bear 1940s Sweetheart Dress pattern as a base, altering it so that it was sleeveless (and the back is a little different to accommodate the sundress look). The alterations were tricky, but I’m pleased with the result. The top is made from purple polyester shantung (from my Little Dorrit dress). I’m not sure what the skirt fabric is; I received it in a collection of scrap fabric. 😉 The flower on the side is completely random because I thought the dress needed an extra something. 😉
Brianna’s favorite is Cinderella.
Again, this is the first one I made…. if I had made it with Cinderella in mind, I might have done some things different with the pattern… but I still love the way it turned out. The fabric I used is cornflower blue satin, with an additional bit of silver ribbon across the waistband. I kept pretty much totally to the original pattern with this dress.
Ivy’ favorite is Snow White.
This one was definitely the most stressful one to make because I had only one day to cut it out and sew the whole thing. (I hate deadlines. 😛 ) I also didn’t have yellow fabric for the skirt, as I would have liked… but I still think it turned out cute. The dress is a silky blue fabric, trimmed with a yellow ribbon, and the sleeves are a thin, silky white fabric (again, similar to the sashes of the bridesmaid dresses) with red trim ribbon. I used the Heritage Wrap-Top Dress pattern again, but altered it to no longer be wrap-top, but to have a rounded neckline instead.
I have one more I’d like to make, for another little friend, but I don’t know whether she reads this blog or not, so I won’t say any more about it for now. 😉
I might list these on Etsy as made-to-order items, as I wouldn’t mind making more of them; however, I am starting college next week, and hopefully a job soon as well, so my sewing time will be greatly limited. I’m not even sure if I’ll have time to sew at all, or if I’ll want the pressure of extra deadlines . So… I don’t know. I may or may not list them. 😛 But these were so much fun and I really would love to make more, of the same, and of the other Disney princesses/heroines, when I have time. 🙂 They’re so much fun! 😀
P.S. I really should post, too, about the Regency gowns I made for the Christmas ball this December. I’m afraid I always forget to post here though because I have several different google accounts and this one kind of falls into the background of the other ones. 😛 Oh well. I should get to that this week before I start school. 😛

6 thoughts on “Disney Princess Themed Doll Dresses

  1. I love the dresses! They were all so cute! My personal favorite of the Disney princesses is Belle, I loved her yellow dress, the alternations you made on the dresses were really, really cute!

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