I did them myself.

You heard that right – I did them myself! 😀 Not only did I *sew* quilt squares this month…I scrounged through our scraps, selected a few that would go together, and cut the squares out, as well as sewing them. 😀 It was really fun to do because I could actually choose the fabrics according as they would look really nice together. Here are some pictures…by the way, I made only three squares, but Margaret took more than three nice pictures of them. 😉The original nine-patch square isn’t necessarily supposed to have one-and-a-half-inch fabric strips around it…but my squares ended up being 11 inches on each side, when they should’ve been 12 1/2 inches…So I had to cut two-inch wide strips (thirteen inches long) in order to make the squares the right size. It was fun, though. 🙂


More Quilt Squares

This month, the quilt squares I worked on were nine-patch squares. (Sorry about two of the pictures being sideways…I took them right-side up and they were right-side up in the folder, but the things chose to load sideways. :P)


Tell you what, dear followers…I hate sewing, but I love doing quilt squares!!! 😀

You’ll never guess…

I’ve been sewing – and enjoying it!

My friend Miranda, at Sewing for the Savior, has a quilting bee on the fourth Friday of every month. I can’t make it because I have piano lessons on Fridays, but I did take her up on her offer to mail me some squares to sew during the month and return before the bee. SO – last Wednesday, I got my first package, and had five squares to sew – and I HAD FUN!!!! 😀 In case you don’t know, I usually hate sewing, but this time, it was fun.

The pattern is “Log Cabin”; very easy to sew.


I had to send the squares back to Miranda, but I asked her to send me a picture of the completed quilt; if she sends me one, I’ll be sure to post it. 🙂

If any of you would like more information about Miranda and her ministry, Sewing for the Savior, leave us a comment with your email address so we can send you that info. We won’t publish your email address. 😉