Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 7

Fall Fashion Challenge
Day 7: Wear a hat

I don’t own any hats…I rather take the quote from You’ve Got Mail as my opinion about hats: “I assume it was going to buy a hat which would turn out to be a mistake, as nearly all hats are.” However, there are a few hats that I really do like…and fedoras make me feel positively gangsta. 😉

Blouse – Kohl’s
Slacks – Kohl’s
Jacket – Kohl’s
Silver chain – JCPenney’s
Earrings – Kohl’s
Shoes – Target
Hat – Alex’s 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 7

  1. I saw the small icon of this pic in my blog updates and I was like, "who's that??" hehe 😀 absolutely awesome outfit!! you look like you should be assistant to Sherlock Holmes or something. ;D lol

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