Poll Results

Because I am on vacation this week and, therefore, away from my sewing work, I decided to put up a poll on which is your favorite Jane Austen novel. The answers were very much as I had expected them to be!! 🙂

9 people (26%) voted Pride and Prejudice. (I knew this one would win over the rest. 😉 )
8 people (23%) voted Sense and Sensibility. (Good choice. 🙂 )
3 people (8%) voted Mansfield Park. (Shocking!)
4 people (11%) voted Northanger Abbey. (Myself included.)
4 people (11%) voted Emma. (Only four!?!?)
6 people (17%) voted Persuasion. (And I understand why! 🙂 )

Now, since Pride and Prejudice won as the most beloved Jane Austen novel among my readers, I am putting up a new poll.

Which is your favorite film adaption of Pride and Prejudice? (This does not include spin-offs or any adaptions about which I do not know!)

Scroll down the sidebar and you will see two more polls:

Who is your favorite presentation of Elizabeth Bennett?


Who is your favorite presentation of Mr. Darcy?

My answers are all in favor of the ’95 Pride and Prejudice, though, I admit, I do like the actor for the 2005 P&P’s Mr. Darcy, especially after seeing him in Little Dorrit!!


Planning My Next Project….

Please see the poll on the side and tell me what you think I should make next. 🙂

Another Regency Gown
Another Romantic Gown
Beatrix Skirt
Regency Spencer
Regency Pelisse
1914 Afternoon Dress
1950’s jumper