Two New Etsy Listings…

Hey! Just thought I’d let you know that there are two new listings on our Etsy shop.
Here is one: a picture I took in June and then edited just recently.

And a crocheted hat and scarf set for dolls, preparing for winter! 🙂

Hope you all have a great evening! ~Margaret


Another 1890 Doily

I finished this doily several weeks ago, but took quite a long time to actually get pictures of it. 😛 Click here to see a previous post on a doily made from the same pattern.

This one I made with burgundy-colored thread (obviously!), and I rather like it. 🙂

Thanks to Margaret for getting the pictures for me. 😉

Fun Fur scarf

I finished my Fun Fur scarf on Monday night! 🙂

It is six feet long:

I fold it in half so I can put the ends through the loop.
Goes really well with a white coat. 🙂 (BTW, I borrowed the coat from Margaret.)
This scarf was made crocheting with two strands of Fun Fur at once; so it took four skeins – basically, two skeins for the length and two more for the thickness. It’s good and stretchy, almost as well as if it were knitted. It’s just like the one I saw at Macy’s. 😉

Fun Fur and the Future

Before Christmas when I went shopping at Macy’s, I found this scarf…It was about seven feet long and eight inches wide, and I figured it was knitted with double-strands of Fun Fur (or Cello). It cost $40. No, I didn’t buy it – but I did get a good idea for making a FUN scarf like that for MUCH less than $40.

This week, all the yarn at Jo-Ann Fabrics is on sale, so when we went today, I picked up four skeins of Fun Fur! They were $2.99 apiece, from $3.99 – not bad, considering. But that’s a total of $12 for who-knows-how-long the scarf will end up being.

The other thing I needed to think about before actually buying the yarn was how I was going to make the scarf. Knitted scarves are much more drapey and stretchy than crocheted ones. If you know me well, you know I don’t like to knit – I like to crochet. But I was going to try to pick up knitting again for this scarf anyway. But then I was flipping through a fashion crochet book and read that knitting is so drapey and stretchy because it picks up only one loop while crochet picks up two. So the answer is to work in the back loop only – PERFECT!! So I’m going to crochet this scarf! 😀


1890s Doily

The pattern for this doily I got from an Old-Time Crochet magazine, and the editors of that magazine got it from an 1890 magazine. 🙂
***Top view*********
This doily ended up being about 10 inches wide. It was supposed to be 8 1/2 inches, but I had to use size 10 thread instead of 20 because I didn’t have size 20. 😛

The most challenging part was those boxes in the middle. I had to do them three times in order to get the first two to point the correct direction, but I did master it! 🙂

I’m looking forward to making another one of these. 🙂

Baby Afghan

My latest afghan, made from the same pattern as this one.
In the other two afghans I’ve made with this pattern, I threaded 3/4 inch ribbon through the dc/ch 1 edges, but this time crocheted a VERY LONG CHAIN and slip stitched it the whole way back across, and threaded that through instead.
Again, I used Bernat Softee.
Many thanks to Margaret for getting such excellent shots of the afghan. 🙂