Regency Spencer Jacket ~ Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, Post 1

This week is the week of the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, hosted by Atlanta!  I had forgotten about it (as I usually do… oops!) until I started seeing lovely posts by other people with outfits inspired by various historical sources (fashion plates, paintings, films, book descriptions, etc.)  I hope you will take time to look at everyone’s creations here!
I actually did not make anything specifically for this event (because I forgot :-S ) though I have a million ideas in my head of things to create based on movies, paintings, etc.  But for the event, I decided to post about some projects I have done in the past.  Most of you have already seen these, but I’ll post them anyway.  One at a time, however.
Today I will be posting about my black Regency Spencer Jacket.
I got the inspiration from the 1995 miniseries Pride and Prejudice.  I have always loved Elizabeth’s Spencer jackets from this film, and had a hard time deciding on which one to make, but I eventually decided on this one:
There is some debate as to whether that’s dark green or black, but it looks black to me, so that is how I made mine. šŸ™‚
Here is my re-make:
For the jacket, I used black velveteen fabric.  I used Sense and Sensibility’s Regency Spencer/Pelisse pattern.  I did make an alteration to the front opening and the collar, however, to make it look more like Lizzie’s.  (I borrowed the collar piece from another pattern.)  My sister crocheted the frog closures.  They work pretty well, except that it doesn’t hold it as closed as it could. šŸ˜‰
 This is supposed to be my arriving-at-Netherfield, encountering-Mr.-Darcy look.  I got more of Kiera look than a Jennifer Ehle look, I think.
 Long walks after the rain…. very “Lizzie”… šŸ˜‰
More details on this jacket can be found in this post.

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